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Nowadays “Globalization” might appear as an old-fashioned word. But back in the days it was meant to be the solution for upcoming problems. “Globalization” meant future and unlimited oportunities. Accompanied by the digitization of media, the conventional publishing houses had to face the new circumstances. For them there neither seems to be a clear solution for the arising problems nor a predictible future. We do not pretend to have found both. But instead of waiting and watching we are trying, planning and creating. After one year of making Mag41 in German we now embrace the advantages of the infinite possibilites of the digital era and spread the magazine globally. Our future: Globalization. Our medium: Digital. Our solution: International publishing. Our price: None. MAG41 IS FOR FREE!!

Over 140 pages full of breathtaking photos, interesting articles, interviews & reviews add up to our first international Issue!

Cult & classic – For each bike we tought of something special: The Intense M9 was brought to a mystic castle to cope with its evil and fearless character. The Kona Entourage Deluxe was taken to the Swiss Alps where we experienced a revival of the good old New World Disorder times. Awesome. To shred Yeti’s allmountain-bike SB-66 like a downhill rig we went to the lonely mountains of the Italian village Calizzano: Far away from the civilization we let the Yeti run wild.

We tested 12 of the most interesting DH race tires at the Bad Wildbad bike park in Germany, which is famous for its very technical and rocky downhill track. To perform the testing we enlisted the help of the German downhill champion Benny Strasser and also the runner up to the championship Noah Grossman, who are both racing for the Mag41 Racing Team. Next to extensive practical tests, we also performed lab tests such as rolling resistance, snake-bite and puncture resistance at Continental’s lab in Korbach, Germany.

In the ancient Roman Empire, Bread and Games were the instrument to rule the bloodthirsty crowd. The protagonists were heroes, sacrificing their blood for glory, honor and freedom. Today it is all the same. At RB X-Fighters everybody is fighting for glory and honor. But only one can win. Times never change.

Mag41′s format PDF is the most versatile available. It allows perfect reading on Mac, Laptop or PC as well as on iPad & its friends. The interactive features, linked videos and full RGB-colors provide a completely new reading experience. Enjoy it on your Ipad by dragging the PDF into and synchronizing with iTunes. Tap on the logos in our worldmap, weblinks, play-buttons and the “Content”-button on every story’s title in the right upper corner to navigate efficiently through the whole magazine. Everything it needs. It’s that simple.

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  • 02 Editorial
  • 04 Content
  • 08 Gallery: Get the story
  • 28 Test: Kona Entourage
  • 36 Superenduro: The future of the origin
  • 48 Test: Yeti SB-66
  • 56 Captain America: Aaron Gwin
  • 64 Rock Shox Vivid Air Vs. Coil
  • 76 Living the Dream
  • 88 Test: Intense M9 FRO
  • 98 Dirt Jump Bikes: Exquisite & Exclusive
  • 104 Test: 12 DH Racing Tires
  • 124 Calizzano: The Rollercoaster Village
  • 134 Bread & Games: Modern Heroes


We believe that a magazine can and should do more than just give information. A magazine should be like a good friend: give advice, information, should make you laugh and at least animate you to take your bike and go for a ride. An a few words: Mag41 is the literal expression of our passion for riding bicycles. On the next 150 pages you will find a cool mix of creative,funny and serious stories, tests and articles, as symbol of our homage to bicycles. Let‘s be friends, amigo!
An excerpt from the editorial.