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BOS Air Suspension

25.05.2012 - 9:02


In the opening round of the DH world cup in Pietermartzburg, the observers could notice that the Bos pro riders used a special prototype of Idylle RaRe, featuring an air spring. Since those riders made very positive and unanimous comments about that fork – as well as other test riders – Bos decided to launch it earlier than what was previously planned. The new Idylle RaRe immediately and definitely replaces the “old” one. It’s already available and, coming after the Void, released a few weeks ago, it completes the full air suspension set intended for DH racing by Bos mtb.

Full air set intended for DH
The Void showed the way. Idylle RaRe follows a few weeks later, by adopting also an air spring. That’s a big move made by Bos. It may seem surprising that the french company goes so suddenly into air springs. But this choice is clearly motivated by Bos’s philosophy, whom credo is always the seek of performance and efficiency. RaRe isn’t just a marketing name at Bos : RaRe models are 100% identical to the forks and shocks used by the official riders. And they lust be available for amateur racers as quick as possible.
In 2012, Bos is making its come back to world cup racing, with the Labyrinth Team (Rémi Thirion and Sabrina Jonnier) but also Julien Camellini and Pierre Charles Georges. All these riders could test the RaRe “air” prototype. And all decided to ride it.
Facing this situation, Bos decided to speed up, and launch with no delay the new RaRe on the market.

An even more performing fork
As for the Void, Bos’s aim consisted in reaching a spring curve similar to the one of a coil spring, with the air system. A loss of weight was also – obviously – a target. But as always at Bos it could not be reached if the cost was to decrease the performance.
The result is that the air spring not only features a way of working similar to a coil one, but the fork itself according to the riders who tested it – is clearly more sensitive on the first inches of travel.

No preload effect
Therefore, the air spring of the RaRe features a very linear curve, with almost no rate increase at full travel. Incidentally the riders preferred to keep the hydraulic bump stop featured by the fork, instead of using the air spring to handle the bump stop function (as for the Void). Bos respected and followed that choice, which shows clearly the way of thinking of the company. By removing the hydraulic bump stop, we would have saved a few grams more. But efficiency remains the priority…
Another characteristic of the Bos air spring us the lack of “preload effect” while getting to full compression. Usually, air systems suffer from this effect. But the Bos one, with its auto balanced chambers avoids it. Even with a high pressure in the air cartridge, the fork keeps very sensitive.
So, here is a fork, featuring all what classically makes a RaRe : machined stanchions, titanium bolts, hydraulic bumpstop, high performing open bath cartridge, with three ways of hydraulic adjustments… But an even more performing RaRe!
We are not saying this, but the riders. Ask Julien Camellini…

Weight decreases, price stays the same
You are certainly impatient to know if the weight loss is significant… It’s actually 300g less.
Nevertheless, the retail price stays the same at 1990 Euros.

RaRe means Race Ready
That’s the reason why RaRe is written as a single word, but with two capital “R”. Don’t forget it!

PM: Sportsnut